Hi, we are the Keith Family.

We started Peppergrass Ranch in 2019. Megan has always dreamed of having a small family farm and her husband, Tyler, made her dreams come true. The only stipulation to getting the animals meant Tyler was in charge of naming them. He is from North Carolina and loves North Carolina BBQ, so the animals are BBQ themed names. We currently have Beans, Cornbread, Pickles, Pepsi, Macaroni, and Cheese.

Megan found Pygora goats that needed to be rescued online. They fit every criteria of what she wanted: goats with a purpose. Pygora goats create cashmere fiber, which can be spun into beautiful yarn. Since Megan crochets, she thought it would be great to make her own yarn from her animals. From there, they added two baby Pygora goats as well as two alpacas, and twenty chickens. Not only does the Keith family tend to the animals on a daily basis, they also professionally train with them every week. Megan homeschools both of her daughters. Life at Peppergrass Ranch is always exciting!

Megan and Tyler trained Macaroni & Cheese, the alpacas, to be therapy animals to visit the elderly, children, and the sick. Alpacas are so therapeutic and bring a sense of calm when around them. Because of the pandemic, and unable to go into hospitals due to Covid-19 restrictions, Tyler and Megan decided to bring the joy and happiness they feel from their animals to others in a different way. The Pasta Bros, as they are called, are available for rentals and snuggles, in order to make this world a better place. They added something to your bucket list you didn't even know existed - spooning alpacas!

When we show up to alpaca rentals, you will be greeted by not only the Pasta Bros, but either Megan and her daughter Tenley, or Megan and her husband Tyler. Megan likes to pass on her strong work ethic to her children. We take great pride in being a woman-owned, family small business.

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